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White Lies

—There Goes Our Love Again

I didn’t go far and I came home

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And the moral of the story is that you don’t remember what happened. What you remember becomes what happened.

when I’m staring at a girl and she thinks I’m hating

but really I’m just gay

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British children play outside with gas masks in 1939 
British children play outside with gas masks in 1939 

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—Song for Zula

see honey I saw love - you see it came to me
it put its face up to my face so I could see
yeah then I saw love disfigure me
into something I am not recognizing
you see the cage, it called - I said, come on in
I will not open myself up this way again
nor lay my face to the soil nor my teeth to the sand
I will not lay like this for days now upon end…
oh but I know love as a caging thing
just a killer come to call from some awful dream
oh and all you folks you come to see
you just stand there in the glass looking at me
but my heart is wild and my bones are steam
and I could kill you with my bare hands if I was free